What It Cost Me

I had found a new passion, which was awesome!  You can check it out to this day over at jordobeats.com, but what was more exciting is the potential that this passion had to completely change my life. If you’re still reading this blog, it’s because you understand, at least at some level, the doors that … [Read more…]

Exploring Other Options

So I’ve told you how I spent my life dedicated toward getting  college degree in the first post. Doing my time, putting in my hours working in everything from a call center to architectural millwork companies for what I thought was the “American dream.” Now I’m going to tell you how I woke up to the … [Read more…]

Discontentment: The Beginning

My plan was the stereotypical, run of the mill, middle-class aspiring white kid. Go to school, graduate, head off to college, do your thing and get yourself a degree. It was awesome really–mostly because, for me, it seemed easy enough, and it was a confidence booster that I could handle the challenges associated with obtaining … [Read more…]